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May 2-4

Kacey returns to commiserate on our buddy’s, Trevor Risk, latest episode, Season 11, Episode 7 – May 2-4! Watch out for the dingoes!


Oi Oi Oi! Auntie Awesome returns with us this week as we get the band back together to be “that guy” and recap Letterkenny, Season 11, Episode 6 – Degens.


Tiara and Dean are joined once again by David Mack to discuss Letterkenny Season 11, Episode 5 – “Influenzas.” Topics: Alexander’s intelligence, Katy’s Docs, Wayne’s charcuterie skills, Dary’s questionable behavior, the episode’s tropes, the return of Mary-Anne and Lucy-Anne, and the murder barn. They talk about what it means to be “that guy”. Come on in. Katy’s buyin’.


Join Tiara, Dean, and special guest Rene Encarnacion as they dive into the latest episode of Letterkenny Season 11 – “Nudes”. They discuss the impropriety of leaking nudes, consent, and the ladies taking the lead in the investigation. Plus, they speculate about what’s on Wayne’s phone.

Lost Dog

Letterkenny’s lovable losers lark about, lamenting their lack of love, but light up when a local dog goes missing. Join us as we cover as we cover Letterkenny, Season 11, Episode 3 – Lost Dog


Dean Giles

Dean Giles

Tiara Walker

Tiara Walker

Letterkenny Cosplay Contest

Starting with our Season 4, we're going to begin a Letterkenny cosplay contest for which the winners will be awarded prizes of our show merch. (as found here: https://www.howareyanowpod.com/merch) Rules:  Submit one photo only with the subject line of "Letterkenny...