The Ol’ College Try

The Ol’ College Try

Guest Co-Host:  Dennis Gugin
This weeks band:  The Starjays

S05E02 – We Don’t Fight at Weddings


(Shout-out to our buddy Kevin Wack too):

Recap of S05/E01 – We Don’t Fight at Weddings

S05/E02 deep dive – The Ol’ College Try


  • Wayne had taco night too (Indian Tacos), not just the other hicks.
  • Trivia: The bar that they’re in at the beginning:  Ukrainian Centre bar.  Gail moved operations here when MoDean’s II burned down.
  • Theory: In the open, they end with Reilly saying “What’s this about LA?”  I wonder if that’s because Dylan has shot movies in LA?  Dennis said that he read that was the case.  It’s known that Jared has lamented his time as an actor in LA.
  • Wayne saying “There’s no definition of a woman.” with Tanis following up “Just the same as a man.” Is extremely poignant on the representation on the show.
  • Tanis is non-monogamous. Not sure what “flavor”.

Fuck – Fight – FERDA:  

  • VERY little sex happening for most, including Tanis!
  • Wayne and HRJ are catchin’ hands (even Tanis getting one scrap)
  • Everyone else seems to really need a friend.

Post-show and farewells:  

Cosplay Contest Winner:  Casey Lehman

Artist of the week:  The Starjays
Location:  Seattle, WA

Album: Bang! It’s the Starjays
Song: My Wild Girl

Album: Bang! It’s the Starjays
Song: The Right Girl


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Guest Hosts

Dennis Gugin

Dennis Gugin

We Don’t Fight at Weddings

We Don’t Fight at Weddings

Guest Co-Host:  Awesome
This weeks band:  The Lakeside Drive

S05E01 – We Don’t Fight at Weddings

Pre-show:  Start – 0:04:52

Recap of S4:  0:04:52 – 0:07:57

S05E01 deep dive:  0:07:57 – 0:32:47

Thoughts/Theories/Trivia/Questions/Observations:  0:32:47 – 0:49:06

  • Why does McMurray have the Chicken Dance cassette IN HIS TRACTOR?!?!
  • Tanis has same opinion as Ron Swanson on clear alcohol.
  • Dean only likes Gene Wilder in Blazing Saddles
  • Tanis seems to be leading Wayne into the wedding
  • Katy and Tanis are okay with situational philandering 
  • Spoilers for season 7 will happen – stay off social media to avoid spoilers
  • Is Dan’s kilt Scottish?
  • Sally Ann – Salvation Army
  • Why wasn’t Glen doing the wedding?

Fuck – Fight – FERDA:  49:06 – 1:00:02

  • There’s LOTS of sexy times being had with the Hicks, Tanis, and Dax & Ron.
  • FERDA for Bonnie, R&J, Roald, and McMurray
  • Stewart is getting his ass kicked AGAIN!

Post-show and farewells:  1:00:02 – End

Artist of the week:  The Lakeside Drive
Location:  California

Album: Everything, Always
Song: Wide Awake

Album: Everything, Always
Song: Going Places


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Guest Hosts


Season 4 Recap with Patrick McNeil Interview

Season 4 Recap with Patrick McNeil Interview

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·         Second cast member interview:  Patrick McNeil
·         All of our guest hosts
Season 4 Breakdown
  • Episode | S04E01 – Never Work a Day in Your Life
    Guest Host | Awesome
    Musical Guest | The Smile Syndicate
    Episode in a nutshell | It’s Gail’s birthday; Wayne tries to forget Rosie; the Skids and Glen begin a turf war for the Dollar Store parking lot. Reilly and Jonesy deal with the fallout of Katy choosing only one of them.
    Favorite quote | “Rips! Reps! REVELATIONS!!!”
    Favorite character | Tanis
    Clip 1 | Normalized queerness, etc….  50:23 – 51:19


  • Episode | S04E02 – A Fuss at the Golf Course (TOP RATED)
    Guest Host | Marty and Dan (Breaking Mayberry)
    Musical Guest | Disrupt the Paradigm
    Episode in a nutshell | The Hicks and the McMurrays defend the majestic Canada goose at the local golf course; the Dollar Store turf war continues. Reilly and Jonesy try to reconcile.
    Favorite quote | “Must be fuckin’ nice!”
    Favorite character | The McMurrays
    Clip 1 | How mad the McMurrays are:  22:12 – 22:53


  • Episode | S04E03 – Way to a Man’s Heart
    Guest Host | Chris Martinez of The Alder Kings
    Musical Guest | The Alder Kings
    Episode in a nutshell | Tanis recruits the Hicks, who recruit the Hockey Players, to help with a feud on the Rez; the Skids and Glen decide to walk a mile in each other’s shoes.
    Favorite term learned | Otter
    Favorite quote | “Let’s have a scrap…”
    Favorite character | Tanis
    Clip 1 | Wayne’s not invincible…  50:36 – 51:50


  • Episode | S04E04 – Letterkenny Talent Show (SECOND PLACE)
    Guest Host | Bobby Buhay from JB’s Memes and Stuff
    Musical Guest | White Coals
    Episode in a nutshell | Letterkenny locals put their special skills on display with their very own talent show.
    Favorite quote | “Save your breath for sumpn’ more important like chorein’ or toe-curlin’….”
    Favorite character | Wayne
    Clip 1 | Discussion of what Wayne understands:  57:38 – 59:11


  • Episode | S04E05 – The Letterkenny Leave
    Guest Host | Genesis Nunlee
    Musical Guest | Lizzie Boredom
    Episode in a nutshell | The Hicks attend a hot tub party at the McMurray’s; the Hockey Players decide to do whatever it takes to get gains, including a visit to the Skids.
    Favorite term learned | Soft Pass
    Favorite quote | “Whatever you’re into, that’s what I always say.”
    Favorite character | The McMurrays
    Clip 1 | Discussion of Pastor Glen in the hot tub: 54:46 – 55:51


  • Episode | S04E06 – Great Day for Thunder Bay
    Guest Host | Aaron Farris
    Musical Guest | The Highway Thieves
    Episode in a nutshell | The Bay Brothers return home for Hay and everybody in Letterkenny wants to be the one to throw them a party.
    Favorite quote | “Sneak a sunrise past a rooster?”
    Favorite character | Tanis
    Clip 1 | Did he or didn’t he (overcome the Big Tanis Energy)?:  40:21 – 41:38


  • Episode | S04E07 – Super Hard Easter
    Guest Host | R.J. Sundancer
    Musical Guest | Greg Spenser
    Episode in a nutshell | It is Daryl’s turn to hide the eggs for Easter; Glen and his unlikely sidekicks put on a Passion Play.
    Favorite quote | “Personal, not true, and a good idea!”
    Favorite character | Glen
    Clip 1 | Roald’s kinks:  42:02 – 45:10



Cosplay Contest!!!

·         Brandon Wentz (Wayne)
·         Emily Jestis (Angie – puck bunny style) – WINNER!!!
·         Tom Kennedy (Shoresy)
·         Steve Jones (Shresy)
What’s coming up?
Stay tuned for our interview with Patrick McNeil
Season 7 drops
o   October 11th on Crave
o   October 14th on Hulu
o   October 15th on SBS Vice Land/SBS On Demand (finally getting everything!)

Next Episode: We Don’t Fight at Weddings

Artist of the week:  Song Dispenser
Location:  Baltimore, MD

Song: Blueshift

Song: Skyways


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Special Guest

Patrick McNeil

Patrick McNeil