Season 5 Recap

Season 5 Recap

Au revoir, Saison Cinq!  We had a blast!
  • All of our fabulous guests!
Episode | S05E01 – We Don’t Fight at Weddings – #1 – by a LANDSLIDE
| Guest Host | Awesome (no Tiara this episode)
| Musical Guest | The Lakeside Drive
| Episode | S05E02 – The Ol’ College Try
| Guest Host | Dennis Gugin
| Musical Guest | The Starjays
| Episode | S05E03 – Hard Right Jay
| Guest Host | Rene Encarnacion
| Musical Guest | Brute Force
|Episode | S05E04 – Letterkenny Spelling Bee
| Guest Host | Erin & Katie
| Musical Guest | Valac
| Episode | S05E05 – Back to Back to Back
| Guest Host | Jake Whitco
| Musical Guest | Finding Freedom
| Episode | S05E06 – Bock et Biche – 2nd Place
| Guest Host | Valerie Lopez
| Musical Guest | M3$H
| Episode | S05E07 – Three Wise Men
| Guest Host | Erik Schermond
| Musical Guest | James Hunnicutt
  • What’s coming up?
    • We’ll be kicking off our Season 6 shows after Christmas.
    • Season 8 drops
      • December 25th on Crave
      • December 27th on Hulu
Artist 1:  Brute Force
Location:  St. Louis, MO
Album: The Worst of Us
Song: The Worst of Us

Artist 2:  James Hunnicutt
Location: Port Orchard, WA
Album: Life on the Other
Song: Life on the Other

A Letterkenny Christmas:  Three Wise Men

A Letterkenny Christmas:  Three Wise Men

S05/E07 – A Letterkenny Christmas:  Three Wise Men
Guest:  Erik Schermond
Music:  James Hunnicutt

Pre-show: (0:00:00 – 0:09:03)

  • The cosplay contest is ALWAYS going.
  • We’re ALWAYS looking for good independent bands.
  • Music this week: James Hunnicutt
  • Still looking for more indie bands –
  • Introduction of guest: Erik Schermond

Show:  (0:09:03 – 0:28:37)

  • Recap of S05/E06 – Bock et Biche
    • Thanks to:
      • Guests: Valerie Lopez of Comedy Wham
      • Music: M3$H
  • S05/E07 deep dive – A Letterkenny Christmas:  Three Wise Men

Thoughts/Theories/Trivia/Terms/Observations/Trivia: (0:28:37 – 0:45:51)

  • Movies shown in Katy’s collection – The Fallen Elf and My Dog’s a Rudolph
  • The first showing of Littlekenny
  • Did Mark Forward write the Barb story he told Wayne?
  • Odd that Tanis complains about her nails not being dry, yet:
    • Calls the party “the salliest”
    • Complains about the apron being sexist.
  • Jingle Juice is basically Jungle Juice from the Uncle Eddie’s Trust episode
  • All shot in one location
  • Odd continuity.
    • Glen had already lost his job, but he talks about them bringing in a guest pastor for the Xmas service.
    • The episode happens after Back to Back to Back, yet Stewart is there are has obviously NOT yet gone to rehab.
  • Who is the person in the Uncle Eddie pic?
  • How is Wayne supposedly reading Dan’s mail? Does Dan live with them?
  • Who is “Reverend Bolillo” a reference to?
  • Teddy Kim is a reference to Theo Kim who was a director/producer of the LK Problem web shorts.
    • The Reindeer Effect doesn’t appear to be a real movie.
  • Throwback to “bad gas travels fast”.
  • Wayne made dad noises sitting in the chair.
  • So much hair-play going on.
  • Serial killers mentioned in the episode.
  • Was this episode shot digitally?
  • All the drinks mentioned are actual drinks.
  • Timbits!!!
  • Jared trying to keep from cracking up was hilarious!
  • Who still does disposable cameras?!?!?

Fuck – Fight – FERDA:  (0:45:51 – 1:05:00)

  • The spirit of the HOLY FERDA has taken over for most folks.
  • Bonnie, for the first time, is getting FUCKS from all!
  • R&J and TANIS are gonna catch these hands!

Post-show and farewells:  (1:05:00 – 1:13:06)

End of Show:

  • Final thoughts…
  • Next Week:
    • WE’RE OFF!!!
    • We’ll be back the week after for our Season 5 recap show!
  • Farewells

Artist of the week:  James Hunnicutt
Location: Port Orchard, WA

Album: Rockin’ the Roots
Song: Cherry Red

Album: Life on the Other
Song: Life on the Other
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Guest Hosts

Erik Schermond