I just wanted to make the following announcement…

Thanks to our wonderful co-admin and beautiful friend, Victoria, we are now at our $2000 goal!

I don’t know if that means we aren’t allowed any more contributions or if it just stays open until the 30 days are up. In any case I don’t think we get funded until at least 2 weeks after the campaign is officially over. So, stay tuned!
Again, thanks to everyone who has contributed!

You all make us so happy and proud to do this!

Two Weeks

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That’s right! Just two weeks to button up our Indiegogo campaign.

However, it COULD be shorter.

We just have to reach $600 more to reach our goal.

Let’s do some maths, shall we?

To cover the rest of the campaign out we would need abou $43 per day for the next 14 days to summit our $2000 goal.

If we could find a $50 contributor each day for the next 12 days, we’d get there.

We could easily do it in 8 days with a $75 contributor each of those days.

And, at our final level, $100…we could make that in…(subtract the cosine, double the hypotenuse, extrude the coefficient, carry the pi)…SIX DAYS!!!

All maths aside, thank you to everyone who has contributed and/or shared our campaign.  We do truly appreciate all of you!

Here’s the link:

Please do continue to share and help us get to our goal.



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Heading home…

I’m ready to get back to the podgrind after having been away for business stuff.

Just wanted to give a reminder of sending in your thoughts and such for our upcoming episode.

We’re also getting to the half-way point of our indiegogo campaign and we just have to get $600 more to reach our goal. This is amazing!

So, until we’re done, I’m gonna keep sending these notifications out to everyone. Please help us get there! We beg you!

Getting closer!

Thanks to an amazing anonymous donor we’re now even closer to reaching our $2000 goal. We now have 17 days to get $600! We can do this!

Please contribute, if you can. If you aren’t able to contribute, please share the link with everyone you know.

We appreciates all of our degens!


Dean & Tiara