by | Mar 12, 2023

Dean & Tiara are back!
Welcome back, everyone, it’s good to see you all again!
Today we cover everything you need to know about Letterkenny, Season 11, Episode 1 – Chips!
We kick things off discussion what’s been going on and what we’ve been doing for the last few months.
We also tease a secret project that is in the works.
We finally get to have our longtime friend, Erin, on the show.  She has been following us for a long time and is also a frequent contributor to The Produce Stand.
We break down the show and then get deep into our Thoughts/Theories/Observations where, OOOPS!  IT’S ALL TROPES!
We talked about what we really loved in the episode as well as some things we’d like to have more answers for.
Oh, and the Fuck – Fight – FERDA segment is AWESOME!
Come on in!  There’s room for everyone.  Trust us…It’s all that AND a bag of chips!


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