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Today we get into everyone MOST FAVORITEST of Letterkenny episodes.

Fartbook. (end sarcasm) 
Not that this episode isn’t good.  It’s really funny, it just is a little…different/off from the rest of the series.  But that’s okay.  Tiara and Dean, along with their good friend Heidi, dig into all the colon bowlin’ you’d could ever hope for in this episode.
We cover:
  • Wayne’s affinity for “kids fallin’ off bikes”
  • Squirrely Dan’s ability to fart on command
  • How the Hicks don’t really know how the internet works
  • What it’s like going into business with the Skids
  • Stewart is a Juggalo
  • How well Devon played Zuckerberg
  • More discussion of The Ginger and the ostrich
  • Gail’s amazing reaction to having her account suspended
  • What an “Alabama Hot Pocket” is
  • Reilly and Jonesy do NOT like Stewart
  • Who played it better, Glen or Sharon Stone (Basic Instinct)
  • Watching Wayne smack/kick Devon is HILARIOUS!
  • Glen steals Fartbook
  • Huge miss on not thinking of FartersOnly.com
  • VALENCIA filter!
  • You’re apparently not supposed to fart in front of girls
  • Guerrilla shittin’
  • Stewart pining for Katy
Intro Music:  3 Legged Dog – by Hard Money Saints

Outro Music:  Ol’ Grey Dog – by  Hard Money Saints

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