Finding Stormy a Stud

by | May 9, 2019

Letterkenny Season 2, Episode 6 – Finding Stormy a Stud
  • Guest:  Curtis
  • Recap:  Uncle Eddie’s Trust
  • Listeners prefer to be referred to as “Degens”
  • Percentage mix of Letterkenny types
  • Number of listeners has grown massively
  • Thoughts on indigenous folk and how they are so often ignored (in both US and Canada)
  • Episode dive:
    • This was the season finale (Ep 7 – St. Perfect’s Day is a special ep)
    • Stormy still trying to kill her studs
    • Wayne hates Samuel (SD’s nephew)
    • “Dry-rips” – snorting schneef before doing any alcoholic beverages
    • “Hoopin'” – putting the schneef if your pooper
    • Fun Dip Dick-Dingers
    • Wayne’s putting dating on the back-burner
    • Three-knucklers and Six-knucklers
    • Gail finding studs for Stormy
    • Ken Baumgartner
    • How Wayne says “…you’re not exposed to…”
    • R&J getting coach back as the seniors new “bench boss”
    • Getting punished for skipping leg day
    • R&J are scared and sad…their feelings are “injured”
    • Glen the Messiah
    • Devon and Roald trying to comfort Stewart after the breakup
    • Find out that Stormy tried to kill Ken Baumgartner
    • Dan is NOT having any of the notion of sedating Stormy
    • Is Dan the most woke person in Letterkenny?
    • Glen advising R&J about their issues and the boys figure that they just need to get with their “big city slams”.
    • New stud – Kelly Buchburger
    • While waiting in the parking lot, R&J see Katy coming out of the arena with a modelling agent at the same time their “big city slams” show up.
    • Gail has another new stud being brought in from her cousin.
    • New stud sounds A LOT like Wayne
    • Schneef vs. Schniff
    • Wayne’s sense of humor
    • Stewart doing melatonin dry-rips
    • Skids decided to help Stewart try and get Katy back
    • R&J decided that they have to fight Wayne to get Katy back
    • R&J and the Skids show up at the same time that Katy is leaving to fight Wayne.  They don’t even notice that Katy is leaving.
    • Rosie shows up
    • Angie shows up
    • Tanis calls – PREGNANT! *fade to black*
  • Thoughts/Theories/Questions
    • The “threes” in this episode was very interesting
    • Glen as a Messiah figure is funny
      • His position between R&J keeps raising each scene with them
      • Why does he have a southern accent
    • Why is there a ramp in the laneway???
    • Will Wayne become a dad?  If so, would he be any good?
    • Will he go back to Angie?
    • Will he end up with Rosie?
    • Is Katy gone???
    • Who is Professor Tricia and how long has Dan been taking her classes?
    • Cinematography is awesome in this episode
  • Fuck/Fight/Ferda
    • Sexy times for Rosie and Tanis
    • Coach and Gail are due for a scrap
  • Up next: St. Perfect’s Day

Intro Music:  3 Legged Dog – by Hard Money Saints

Outro Music:  Ol’ Grey Dog – by  Hard Money Saints

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