Never Work a Day in Your Life

by | Aug 8, 2019

Promo:  The Smile Syndicate

Guest Host:  What Do You Mean It’s Not Awesome
Pre-show stuff:
Episode dive:
  • Recap season 3
  • Limericks in the cold open – We need to do this for the recap show.
  • Glen kicked out of church
  • Montage
  • Katy chose Reilly
  • Two months since Rosie broke it off
  • Bar fight
  • Vaudeville/Shakespearean mix of comedy
  • Jonesy gets hit on by Dax and Ron
  • Katy trying to get Wayne to call Rosie
  • R&J reconnecting briefly
  • Glen & Skids – Rips, Reps, REVELATIONS!
  • “Tell it to your face”
  • Wayne jokes
  • Gail hitting on Katy
  • Seth
  • Stormy is depressed
  • Communication is key
  • Reilly gets hit on by Dax and Ron
  • Wayne calls Rosie
  • Glen vs Skids – WAR
  • Bradley gets Rosie and Wayne back together
  • Gail’s birthday shindig
  • The Basement – Gym name
  • Writers MUST have siblings
  • Katy pushing Wayne to be his best self
  • Wayne only soft for Katy and dogs –
  • The Boys (Joel Gagne and Jessica Salgueiro)
  • Tiio Horn/Coffee With My Ma
  • Is Rosie also on the autism spectrum?
  • Autism tropes in media
  • There’s no roasting of characters on the show for who they are
  • Bad Letterkenny FB groups who don’t grasp the progressive nature of the show
  • Normalization of queer characters
  • Who adds the authentic queer flavor to the show?
  • Gail hits on Katy in the same way she does with Wayne – what’s her goal here?
  • Another Lemonparty reference
  • Hoopy Frood
  • Bradley – “Good ol’ boys are a dying breed…”
Fuck – Fight – FERDA!
  • SOOO MUCH SEX happening in this episode (even for Jim Dickens)!
  • Glen and Stewart are catchin’ them hands!
Next Episode:  A Fuss at the Golf Course
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