A Fuss at the Golf Course

by | Aug 15, 2019

Guest Host:  Marty and Dan of Breaking Mayberry Podcast
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Pre-show stuff:
  • Introductions
  • Chat about Breaking Mayberry and The Andy Griffith Show
  • Chat about Justified and Bob Sweeny
  • Logo Contest – LAST CHANCE!
  • Cosplay Contest
  • This weeks band:  Disrupt the Paradigm
Episode dive:
  • Recap:  Never Work a Day in Your Life
  • Deep dive of this episode:  A Fuss at the Golf Course
  • Katy sending Reilly on errands for her
  • McMurrays spill the tea on the gooses at the golf course
  • R&J and Dax and Ron
  • Glen vs. Skids like rival gangs
  • Cheese is the “Milk of Christ”
  • Hicks vs. Coach
  • Reilly rescuing Jonesy
  • No Rosie in this episode.
  • How long had Jonesy stood between the skids and Glen?
  • The hicks conversation from behind the railing of the porch.
  • McMurrays are the MVPs of the episode.
  • Stereotypes/Caricatures in the show while thumbing their nose at the tropes.
  • Caddy’s “EMBARRASSING” sign.
  • Katy’s manipulation.
  • In memoriam for Coach’s trash cans.
  • How Letterkenny deals with some sensitive topics.
  • Learning the Letterkenny lingo.
  • Would love to see Jesse Pinkman show up in Letterkenny to show Stewart how to make “the blue”.
  • The Reilly/Jonesy “love story”.
  • R&J and D&R are narcissists
  • Did Katy try to manipulate Reilly back to Jonesy?
  • Favorite quotes about gooses.
  • Funniest place to have a “Fuss”?
  • Who to cast as Professor Tricia?
  • Have Tatiana Maslany play all the Letterkenny characters for Red Nose Day.
  • Is Letterkenny in the Upside Down?
  • The crowd around Coach gets smaller and smaller in each scene.
  • Thoughts/Questions from our degens:
    • Melanie Scrofano (Mrs. McMurray) is so damned funny! – u/jerseyd79 from Reddit
    • Why are the McMurrays so moved to save the geese? – Valerie Lopez from Facebook
    • Love how McMurray is such a hurry to talk to Wayne that he goes through all the “pleasantries” on his own. – Bobby from JBs Memes and Stuff from Instagram
    • Like how the  skids look like the monkeys from 2001 A Space Odyssey – Robert_Forrester18 from Instagram 
    • How many more “Fusses” will we see? – Reagan from Discord
    • Love how the Hicks are portrayed as smart instead of the standard hick trope.  – Reagan from Discord
  • Trivia 
    • Mr. Hockey movie.  R&J play the sons of Gordie Howe
    • Grey Granite Copper Creek Whistle Ridge Golf and Country Club
    • Roald hits Stewart!
    • Four golfers mentioned
      • Fuzzy Zoeller
      • John Daly
      • Arnold Palmer
      • Tiger Woods
    • Dylan Playfair is a Disney villain
Fuck – Fight – FERDA!
  • The McMurrays (together) and Dax & Ron are getting laid from everyone
  • Katy and Coach are catching some hands!
Next Episode:  Way to a Man’s Heart
Artist of the week:  Disrupt the Paradigm
Song: Failure
Album: Conversion
Song: Silver Tongue Behemoth
Album: Conversion
San Jose, CA

Guest Hosts

Marty and Dan from Breaking Mayberry Podcast

Marty and Dan from Breaking Mayberry Podcast


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