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by | Aug 29, 2019

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Guest Host:  Bobby Buhay from JB’s Memes and Stuff

Pre-show stuff (0:00 – 19:40):

Episode dive (19:40 – 1:05:00):

  • Recap:    Way to a Man’s Heart
  • Deep dive of this episode:  Letterkenny Talent Show

Thoughts/Theories/Trivia/Questions (1:05:00 – 1:27:15):

  • Have the McMurray’s and Shoresy hooked up?
  • Katy and BOTH McMurrays?
  • Was Stewart’s reference to the roots of the “ache dancing” (Estonian, Samoan, etc…) the seed for the Dax and Ron takedowns?
  • Where did Coach’s
  • Thoughts/Questions/Observations from our degens:
Mark Sparky – Facebook
Love Mrs McMurray! That way she looks a Daryl when they talk about his upcoming performance is sexy as hell!
Valerie Lopez  – Facebook
One of my favorite episodes!!! When I interviewed K Trevor Wilson, I mentioned how much I thought this episode conveyed friendship and helping a friend in need in the final scene. He joked about how hard it is to line dance in overalls.
Question/Theory – anyone else creeped out by how similarly goth-y and creepy Pastor Glen and the Skid’s music sounded? And we all saw how creepy the McMurray’s were!
Courtney Kristin Scag – Facebook
I think what was creepier to me about the McMurrays was that they did that ‘act’ in front of the entire town. I mean we all know bad gas travels fast in a small town, so I would guess that the whole town actually knew it, but it wasn’t ever portrayed outside of the smaller group settings that we’ve seen before. And you gotta laugh at McMurry’s response to Wayne, something like well these costumes were gonna have to get dry cleaned anyways.
  • Trivia
    • “Born to judge!” – Britain’s Got Talent tagline
    • Soupy Campbell,Spider
    • Glen’s band: My Tattered Journal
    • Skid’s dancing:  Ache dancing
    • Favorite stand-up:
      • Wayne:  Mark Forward
      • Katy:  Dave Chappelle
      • Dary:  Steven Wright
  • Fuck – Fight – FERDA! (1:27:15 – 1:44:08)
    • Fuck:  Wayne, McMurray, and Gailer – All getting the sexy times!
    • Fight:  Stewart is catchin’ ALL them hands!
    • FERDA ferda rest of em
  • Cosplay Contest Winner (1:44:08 – 1:53:13)

Farewells and Outro:  (1:53:13 – 2:05:18)

Next Episode:  The Letterkenny Leave

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Bobby Buhay

Bobby Buhay


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