Super Hard Easter

by | Sep 26, 2019

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Guest Host:  R.J. Sundancer
This weeks band:  Greg Spenser

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  • This episode:
    • Musical guest: Greg Spenser Music
    • Guest Host: J. Sundancer! – Here to chat with us about this Season 4 holiday episode:  Super Hard Easter!
      • How did you get into and what do you love about Letterkenny?
      • How did you find us and what kept you listening?
      • Anything to plug?

Cosplay contest:

Episode dive (10:40- 0:30:35):

  • Brief recap of: Great Day for Thunder Bay
  • Deep dive into: Super Hard Easter

Thoughts/Theories/Trivia/Questions (0:30:35 – 0:46:18):

From our Degens:

Ryan Devlin (via

Have you ever seen Dary more excited about anything?  He is outright giddy about his turn this year.

In the scene at the end with McMurray and Wayne…What do you think Wayne was trying to tell McMurray?  I feel like it may have been something to the effect of them being good buddies if it wasn’t so goddamn hard to communicate.

The Booty Warrior (via Twitter @xbuckshotlovex) I wonder what special or holiday they may this upcoming year… hmm
Trevor (via Twitter @cTrain014) Squirrelly Dan recounting the very first Easter is one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard. K Trevor Wilson nails that delivery so hard.
Regan (via Discord) Theory:
The way Dary paints his Easter eggs is the same way that his mom painted Easter eggs.
Awesome (via Discord) Me:
Is that a trivia orrrr????


just a random headcanon/theory
here’s an observation: Wayne (and by extension, Katy) knows enough about Irish folklore to correct Darry on what the Wild Hunt is.
(lending further credence to my theory that at least one of their parents was Irish Irish)
I thought the Wild Hunt was more mainland Europe?
it’s one of those pan-celtic myths. mostly seen in pre-christian gaelic areas
it was Heavily Romanticised by a lot of Victorian writers during the Celtic Revival period

From us:

  • Even the Skids “don’t fuck with tradition”.
  • Wayne only sticks with tradition when it suits him.
  • Katy always having to remind Wayne that he’s the one that’s always saying “You don’t fuck with tradition!” when he’s the one trying to buck tradition.
  • Theory:  McMurray is doing his talking-over Wayne on purpose.
  • Alternate theory:  McMurray just REALLY wants to be Wayne’s friend
  • Trivia:
    • First open without Wayne
    • There’s a painting of Roald behind Roald
    • The initiating of “What could be so urgent?”

Fuck – Fight – FERDA!!!  (0:46:18 – 0:56:39)

  • Fuck:  Glen and Roald can GET IT!!!
  • Fight:  Wayne and Stewart are due a scrap!
  • FERDA:   Everyone else.

Farewells and Outro:  (0:56:39 – 1:03:46)

Dean keeps hearing that Tyler Johnston looks like Tom Cruise but thinks he actually looks more like a young Michael Biehn.

Image result for tyler johnstonImage result for young michael biehn

What say you???

Next Episode: Season 4 Recap

Artist of the week:  Greg Spenser
Location:  Toronto, ON

Album: County Lines
Song: Country City

Album: County Lines
Song: Party in a Barn


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RJ Sundancer


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