The City

by | Jan 16, 2020

S06E03 – The City
Guest:  Elizabeth Orton
Music:  The Reptilian Dilemma

Pre-show: (0:00:00)

Music this week:  The Reptilian Dilemma

Guest this week:  Liz Orton (0:02:40)

Recap of last episode:  S06E02 – Bush Party Season (0:18:00)

  • Thanks to:
    • Guest: Mitch Cole
    • Music: No One Sphere

This week’s episode deep dive:  S06E03 – The City (0:19:08)

Thoughts/Theories/Trivia/Terms/Observations/Trivia: (0:34:48)

  • Tyler Johnston, Michelle Mylett, and Sarah Gadon amazing acting chops.
  • Good mix of comedy and reality.
  • First time Roald has asked for help.
  • Letterkenny is about family.
  • Why is Katy being a cow to Dan?
  • Stewart getting more aggressive?.  Due to his new-found sobriety?
  • How did Stewart come across the Robin Hood hat?
  • Stewart:  The Dexter of Drugs
  • Thoughts on why Betty-Anne & Mary-Anne are with Shoresy.

Fuck – Fight – FERDA (0:48:30)

  • There is A LOT of fucking going on in this episode.  I mean A LOT!!!!
  • Very little fighting.
  • The rest are FERDA.

End of show: (1:11:28)

  • Final thoughts:
    • Are Evan Stern and Tyler Johnston the voices of the bullies in Littlekenny?
    • Envy for Jared Keeso getting to play with puppies whenever he wants.
  • Next Week:
    • S06E04 – Dyck’s Slip Out
    • Guest: Rene Encarnacion
  • Farewells

Music for this show

Band:  The Reptilian Dilemma
Location:  Knoxville, TN
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Intro:  The Elite
Outro:  Heaven’s Gate

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