Different Strokes for Different Folks

by | Jan 30, 2020

S06E05 – Different Strokes for Different Folks
Guest:  Reagan Sicard
Music:  Light The Lamp

Intro: Music: Bring Back the Whale (0:00:00)

Pre-show: (0:01:24)

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    • PhoenixDown Farm – Lorna Violet
      • I don’t have anything specific for myself, I can be found on Facebook at PhoenixDown Farm but I don’t have anything I really want to promote there. However, I do have something I feel really strongly about and would like promoted as long as you are comfortable shouting this out on the podcast… And that is The Trevor Project. I don’t know if you are familiar with them but they are an amazing resource for LGBTQ+ teens/young people who are struggling. As the mom of a person who came out as transgender at 15 and now is an amazing young adult I am hyper aware of the struggles LGBTQ+ young people go through. I am constantly heartbroken by the ways these amazing young people are rejected by their families and it is really important to me for them to get support and acceptance from someone. Not everyone has a loving mom and stepdad like my Seth. I suspect you guys will be ok with shouting out the Trevor Project, but if not if you could just send folks to PhoenixDown Farm on Facebook for pictures of goats and ducks that would be cool, too.

  • Introduction of guest: (0:06:37)
    • Reagan Sicard
    • Plugs
      • Shout out from Awesome

Recap of last episode:  S06E04 – Dyck’s Slip Out (0:16:08)

  • Thanks to:
    • Guest: Rene Encarnacion
    • Music: Brian Douglas Day

This week’s episode deep dive:  S06E05 – Different Strokes for Different Folks (0:18:38)

Thoughts/Theories/Trivia/Terms/Observations/Trivia: (0:34:27)

  • Vmails
  • Terrestrial radio
  • Katy and M-F relationship
  • Gail = LOVE
  • Glen & Gail are great together
  • Do people really find Howard Stern sexy?  Explain!
  • Why does Katy hate Facebook?
  • How could Katy NOT know about McMurray???
  • Self-classification of takedown type
  • T’s fave line:  “We are nones of us perfect and that’s what I appreciates about us.
  • Dary has carried Dan home

FUCK – FIGHT – FERDA (1:03:50)

  • Just the SLIGHTEST of sexy time happening.
  • Dax & Ron are gonna have to drop the mitts and McMurray is gonna get his jaw realigned.
  • FERDA! FERDA! FERDA! fer just about everyone!

End of Show: (01:22:20)

  • Final thoughts…
    • All episodes deserve Roald.
    • We need a “Roald: The Animated Series“.
    • Go follow Evan Stern on Twitter
      • John Keaney
      • Rene Encarnacion
  • Next Week:
    • S06E06 – Yew!
    • Guest: Awesome
    • Music: Yellow Light Maybe
  • Farewells
  • Outro: Light The Lamp

Music for this show

Band:   Light The Lamp
Location:   Harrisburg, PA
WWW:   https://lightthelamp.bandcamp.com/releases

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Intro:  Bring Back the Whale
Outro:  Light The Lamp

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Reagan Sicard

Reagan Sicard


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