by | Mar 20, 2023

Pull up a pew, and grab a Puppers and a stud finder…we’re makin’ boar chops!
Today we cover everything you need to know about Letterkenny, Season 11, Episode 2 – Okoya!
In this episode we welcome another long time friend, first time guest, Kacey, to to dig in to the episode with us.
We start with a short recap of the prior episode (Chips) with Erin.
We have the full episode recap including favorite clips.
  • Loved the reaction from Wayne when Katy told him to sit down.
  • Glen and his “Idrises Elba”.
  • More tropes.
  • Why when Katy has perfect tarts, was she not selling tarts instead of Gail?
    • Maybe Katy’s tarts are just for family.
  • Wayne and Rosie are so fucking adorable.
  • Rosie is the best Wayne partner.
  • Rosie and Tanis are like so fucking cool with each other.
  • Wayne needs someone who understands him and Rosie has from the beginning.
  • Tyler Johnston; acting as somebody who’s acting as somebody who’s a terrible actor.
  • You can’t pigeonhole Canadian comedy.
  • Glen and Tanis, besties?
  • Gail and Coach.
  • Rosie really becoming one of the gang this season, in more episodes this season than Dary.
  • Kacey’s guide to tickling the roof of your mouth with your tongue.
    • Always stroke “The V” with your tongue.
    • Slowly stroke “The V” with your tongue.
    • It’s got to be gentle or else you’ll hurt yourself. You’ll hurt your tongue.
    • Deeper, gentle, longer tongue strokes.
  • Stewart and Roald hissing at Jesus and all his Idrises Elba.
  • Coach continually gets creepier as the show goes on.
  • Docking, soaking, putting a one in the two
  • Was Coach a Christian youth?
  • What’s “Freshy”? (it’s a drink like Kool Aid)
  • Kacey’s own “Okoya” fiasco.
  • Does Tang still exist?
  • Walking into “Okoya” is like walking into a labyrinth of hell with little arrows on the ground that don’t even point you in the right direction and has no David Bowie at the end.
  • People having sex in Okoya floor samples.
  • Theory: These first two episodes are an indication to the audience that they’ve done their existing tropes enough that it’s time to move and to be prepared for them to start putting their old tropes away.
  • Kacey, JJ Frankie JJ, and the potato.
  • What do you think could scare Wayne to make him stop hiccupping?
  • Pedro Pascal
Our “Fuck-Fight-FERDA” segment was immensely fun and all over the place.


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