Lost Dog

by | Mar 27, 2023

Grab your hat, put on your boots, and be prepared to sing as we
delightedly dive in to the deftly designed episode of Letterkenny, Season 11, Episode 3 – Lost Dog
Joined be another new face to the show but a long time YEWniverse bud, Tres Webb, we get into the nitty gritty of dog rescuing..
  • Thoughts:
    • Why didn’t April and May just call saying that they were going to be very late so the boys could have just told them that they have another appointment and ask if they can have a raincheck then?
    • Wayne and Katy were both secondary characters in this episode.
    • Why is Katy so mad at Stewart when he’s just trying to help?
    • Anita knows EXACTLY what’s being said and that’s why she giggles so much.
    • Rosie has a very good voice, but we all wonder how Wayne would sound when singing and what he might sing at karaoke.
    • Cassie and Tassie don’t really know which one of them is which.
    • There is no timeline in Letterkenny.  It is a quantum YEWniverse.
  • Theory:
    • Wayne has the picture of Dorian Gray.
  •  Observation:
    • The pillow on the chair behind Stewart appears to be made from the FAKU costumes.
    • The opposing team name is “The Yard Sailors”.
    • Noah appears to have stopped averting his eyes from Katy.
    • The shots and editing in this episode were fantastic.
    • No Dary in the episode.
“Fuck-Fight-FERDA” was fantastic and Rosie is getting all the goods!


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