by | Apr 3, 2023

Pop on your private-eye cap and partner with us and pal Rene Encarnacion, as we probe into Letterkenny’s latest episode, Season 11, Episode 4 – Nudes!
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  • The impropriety (and potential criminality) of leaking nudes.
  • Consent
  • They should have gone to Gail first to tell her about the leaked nude.
  • This is a build-up episode for the rest of the season.
  • Roald as Riff-Raff/Magenta to Stewart’s Frank-N-Furter.
  • The men take a back seat to the ladies for the investigation of the leak.
  • Stewart’s troubled childhood.
  • Do we think Gail sent the pic to Dary later on?
  • What pictures are on Wayne’s phone?
“Fuck-Fight-FERDA” was Jim DICKens by a mile!


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