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Possibly the perfect podcast to please your palate while peacefully pausing to pour a pint of Puppers and partake in puns, pugilism, and provincial pride.
How Are Ya Now? – The toughest podcast in Letterkenny!

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Don’t Poke The Bear

It’s the Shoresy season finale and who should we have on but our long time pal and lore-keeper of the YEWWWWniverse, Awesome!
We’ll break down how the penultimate episode came to fruition and how we all felt about. SQUEEZERS ALL AROUND as we celebrate S01E06 – Don’t Poke The Bear!

Hockey Brings People Together

Aimee, our new friend and guest host for the episode, helps us examine the sacrifices to not only build a team, but a community as well.
It’s Shoresy, S01E05 – Hockey Brings People Together!

If You Can’t Win, Don’t Play

Are you AND your family lookin’ fer somethin’ to do on a Shoresy Sunday Afternoon? Well, come hang with us as we connect with our longtime pal, and fellow slut, Rene Encarnacion, and get into Shoresy S01E04 – If You Can’t Win, Don’t Play!

Know Your Role

Joined, this week, by our long time buddy and Dean’s cousint-in-law, Chris Churchman), we hand out some game sticks! Shoresy, S01E03 – Know Your Role! Yeah WHOOOOO!!!


Dean Giles

Dean Giles

Tiara Walker

Tiara Walker

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