Upgrading our podcasting gear to provide better content.

How Are Ya Now?

We at the PodScure network/podcast as well as the How Are Ya Now? Letterkenny podcast are looking to provide better content.  The PodScure network has been around for a little over a year and a half now and works with other unique/obscure/independent podcasters to help get them more recognition.  The How Are Ya Now? podcast helps serve and WELL underserved fan community of the Letterkenny TV show.  We also want to have the ability to expand into different areas for underserved/needed podcast content.

We are extremely passionate about all of our projects and could really use your help to upgrade our gear as much as possible.

This allows for:

  • More efficient recording
  • Equal levels of sound by having the same microphones
  • Dynamic content while recording
  • Quicker editing and mastering of sound files
  • Convenience of connection from remote guests


What We Need & What You Get

Here are the nuts and bolts of what we’re looking to do:

  • We’re looking to secure at least $1500 to procure the gear that would allow us to, at a minimum, hit our needs.  Anything beyond will only make things that much better.  All the money we get will go directly into the podcasts.
  • The perks we will offer includes:
    • Show swag (stickers, t-shirts, cups, hats, etc…)
    • Coffee
    • Shout-outs on our shows
    • Personalized Q&A/chat sessions made just for/with you
    • First access to celebrity interviews (How Are Ya Now? podcast)
  • If we’re unable to reach our goal, we will graciously accept whatever is given and upgrade as much as we can.

The Impact

Again, we feel that reaching out and getting recognition for these underserved areas of podcasting will bring both happiness and encouragement to the  folks who are in those groups.

  • Independent podcasters will gain a wider audience by us providing a higher quality of content.
  • In turn that will encourage them to continue their own passion podcasting projects.
  • The increase in quality will also make it easier to increase the How Are Ya Now? podcast audience who, at this point, have nowhere else to turn for the type of content we provide.

Risks & Challenges

Independent podcasts like ours have no corporate backing and are all funded by ourselves or the kindness of folks like you who are willing to give to see the community grow and flourish.

  • We are deeply tied into the independent podcasing community and have a large number of podcasts who see our show to help get their message out.  These upgrades allow this to happen more frequently by allowing a quicker turnaround of content.
  • Once we have these upgrades in place, we will have an immediate impact allowing for lots of happy and encouraged folks.  And that’s what we really need.

Other Ways You Can Help

Some people just can’t contribute, but that doesn’t mean they can’t help:

  • If you’re unable to contribute monetarily, we totally understand.  Please share this campaign with anyone else you feel could help.  Spreading the love is always good.
  • Also, please remember:  use the Indiegogo share tools!

We thank you for your consideration and hope that you feel we can provide a value to our community by your contribution.