Bradley is a Killer

Bradley is a Killer

Season 3, Episode 6:  Bradley is a Killer

Guest:  Kevin Wack
Personal Twitter/IG:  @WACKATTACK812
IG (miniatures):  @belgarath_paints_minis


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  • Season 4 – Episode 1 – August 8th
  • Convincing Kevin to reenact Smokey and the Bandit to get Puppers down here in the States.
Previous episode recap:  Battle for Bonnie McMurray
This episode breakdown:
  • Hungover Hicks
  • Wayne still hates Samuel
  • Smart babies
  • Wayne’s baby noises
  • MoDean’s II is trashed by degens from up country
  • Katy’s busy winter
  • BRADLEY!!!
  • JB & Tyson
  • Sayonara Gae
  • Katy’s got a moisture issue
  • Haitian Taco recipe
  • Bradley’s impressions
  • Katy duped by Glen’s new look
  • Cat-calling Katy
  • Shoresy gets his ass kicked
  • Mitts off!
  • Wayne, Dary, and Dan start getting annoying
  • Skids – WWGD
  • Too cold for mayhem
  • Fahrenheit v Celsius chat
  • Hockey players learn that fighting was just as satisfying as a “W”
  • Boomtown’s regret
  • Katy wants to get back together, but…
  • Bradley fed up with the annoying hicks
  • Gail instigates fight
Thoughts/Theories/Trivia/Questions/New Terms:
  • First episode where we learn Connor and Darien’s names
  • Connor and Darien adds some great Skid-spice
  • Why? – Dary’s nipples & Dan’s foot-races
  • Do R&J share a phone?
  • Bradley/Rosie play father/daughter on Supernatural
  • How did Katy forget about Glen?
  • Why did Gail initiate the fight?  Jealousy about Rosie?
  • Wayne leans on Katy for social skills – Autism spectrum theory comes up again.
  • Is Tanis planning on getting back at the Skids now that Gae is gone?
  • Will Katy settle for just one person?
  • Is Katy feeling like she needs to “grow up”?
  • R&J’s sweater numbers – 68 & 74
  • New terms:
    • Snooters
    • Low Bones
    • Gordie Howe Hat Trick (Geno/Goal – Apple/Assist – Tilly/Fight)
Fuck – Fight – FERDA!
  • Everyone’s getting naughty with Gae
  • Everyone’s fighting Shoresy
  • Everyone else is buddies!
Final thoughts:
Next episode:  The Haunting of MoDean’s II

Intro Music:  3 Legged Dog – by Hard Money Saints

Outro Music:  Ol’ Grey Dog – by  Hard Money Saints

Guest Hosts

Kevin Wack