Dyck Meat

Dyck Meat

S10E03 – Dyck Meat
Guest:  Rene Encarnacion
Music:  Drift Mouth

  • Intro Music: Chase After Me Sheriff


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The usual stuff:

Music this week:  Drift Mouth

Guest this week:  Rene Encarnacion

Recap:  Dealership (thanks to Dennis Gugin)

This week’s episode deep dive:  S10E03 – Dyck Meat


  • Do they not have a code for where to place studs in walls in Letterkenny?
  • Why are Reilly and Jonesy at their billet mom’s?
  • Looks like Katy’s tarts come in a baker’s dozen and a half?
  • Kinsmen
  • Wayne “getting into character”
  • Wayne’s Autistic characteristics and how Dan and Dary understand
  • How would McMurray react if Wayne offered himself to him?
  • Dary’s issues with the Dyck daughters
  • Shakespearean Skids
  • Book-smart vs street-smart
  • Connor and Darien’s version of “Ninja Dust”
  • The way Noah breathes
  • Noah’s German


End of Show:

  • Final thoughts…
  • Next Week:
    • Season 10/Episode 4 – Prostate with Trevor Risk
  • Farewells
  • Outro: Myra

Band:    Drift Mouth
Location:   Athens, OH

Intro:  Chase After Me Sheriff
Outro: Myra

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Guest Host

Rene Encarnacion

Rene Encarnacion