Letterkenny Spelling Bee

Letterkenny Spelling Bee

Guest Co-Host:  Erin & Katie
This weeks band:  Valac

S05E04 – Letterkenny Spelling Bee


  • First episode from Portland
  • Music this week: Valac
  • Introduction of guests, Erin McCollum and Katie Forget

S05/E03 recap – Hard Right Jay

S05/E04 deep dive – Letterkenny Spelling  Bee


  • Who we think would win Dan vs. Dary
  • How did R&J ever get involved in a spelling bee?
  • Fedora vs. Trilby
  • Katy’s side ponytails
  • Stewart’s first “WONDROUS”.
  • What are “dark web spellers”?
  • Funny the words they gave to McMurray.

Fuck – Fight – FERDA:  

  • VERY little sexy times this episode (though Tiara does want to climb Jim Dickens)
  • McMurray’s gettin’ his as STOMPED!
  • FERDA for just about everyone else.

Post-show and farewells:  

Artist of the week:  Valac (Devon “Skye” Heiland)
Location:  Manitoba, Canada

Album: Our Hazy Future
Song: I Ate the World

Album: Our Hazy Future
Song: Stars Like Spotlights


How Are Ya Now? Podcast Spotify Playlist – https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1IDa578R0Drfh6WflJxMFU

Guest Hosts

Erin and Katie