Season 4 Recap with Patrick McNeil Interview

Season 4 Recap with Patrick McNeil Interview

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·         Second cast member interview:  Patrick McNeil
·         All of our guest hosts
Season 4 Breakdown
  • Episode | S04E01 – Never Work a Day in Your Life
    Guest Host | Awesome
    Musical Guest | The Smile Syndicate
    Episode in a nutshell | It’s Gail’s birthday; Wayne tries to forget Rosie; the Skids and Glen begin a turf war for the Dollar Store parking lot. Reilly and Jonesy deal with the fallout of Katy choosing only one of them.
    Favorite quote | “Rips! Reps! REVELATIONS!!!”
    Favorite character | Tanis
    Clip 1 | Normalized queerness, etc….  50:23 – 51:19


  • Episode | S04E02 – A Fuss at the Golf Course (TOP RATED)
    Guest Host | Marty and Dan (Breaking Mayberry)
    Musical Guest | Disrupt the Paradigm
    Episode in a nutshell | The Hicks and the McMurrays defend the majestic Canada goose at the local golf course; the Dollar Store turf war continues. Reilly and Jonesy try to reconcile.
    Favorite quote | “Must be fuckin’ nice!”
    Favorite character | The McMurrays
    Clip 1 | How mad the McMurrays are:  22:12 – 22:53


  • Episode | S04E03 – Way to a Man’s Heart
    Guest Host | Chris Martinez of The Alder Kings
    Musical Guest | The Alder Kings
    Episode in a nutshell | Tanis recruits the Hicks, who recruit the Hockey Players, to help with a feud on the Rez; the Skids and Glen decide to walk a mile in each other’s shoes.
    Favorite term learned | Otter
    Favorite quote | “Let’s have a scrap…”
    Favorite character | Tanis
    Clip 1 | Wayne’s not invincible…  50:36 – 51:50


  • Episode | S04E04 – Letterkenny Talent Show (SECOND PLACE)
    Guest Host | Bobby Buhay from JB’s Memes and Stuff
    Musical Guest | White Coals
    Episode in a nutshell | Letterkenny locals put their special skills on display with their very own talent show.
    Favorite quote | “Save your breath for sumpn’ more important like chorein’ or toe-curlin’….”
    Favorite character | Wayne
    Clip 1 | Discussion of what Wayne understands:  57:38 – 59:11


  • Episode | S04E05 – The Letterkenny Leave
    Guest Host | Genesis Nunlee
    Musical Guest | Lizzie Boredom
    Episode in a nutshell | The Hicks attend a hot tub party at the McMurray’s; the Hockey Players decide to do whatever it takes to get gains, including a visit to the Skids.
    Favorite term learned | Soft Pass
    Favorite quote | “Whatever you’re into, that’s what I always say.”
    Favorite character | The McMurrays
    Clip 1 | Discussion of Pastor Glen in the hot tub: 54:46 – 55:51


  • Episode | S04E06 – Great Day for Thunder Bay
    Guest Host | Aaron Farris
    Musical Guest | The Highway Thieves
    Episode in a nutshell | The Bay Brothers return home for Hay and everybody in Letterkenny wants to be the one to throw them a party.
    Favorite quote | “Sneak a sunrise past a rooster?”
    Favorite character | Tanis
    Clip 1 | Did he or didn’t he (overcome the Big Tanis Energy)?:  40:21 – 41:38


  • Episode | S04E07 – Super Hard Easter
    Guest Host | R.J. Sundancer
    Musical Guest | Greg Spenser
    Episode in a nutshell | It is Daryl’s turn to hide the eggs for Easter; Glen and his unlikely sidekicks put on a Passion Play.
    Favorite quote | “Personal, not true, and a good idea!”
    Favorite character | Glen
    Clip 1 | Roald’s kinks:  42:02 – 45:10



Cosplay Contest!!!

·         Brandon Wentz (Wayne)
·         Emily Jestis (Angie – puck bunny style) – WINNER!!!
·         Tom Kennedy (Shoresy)
·         Steve Jones (Shresy)
What’s coming up?
Stay tuned for our interview with Patrick McNeil
Season 7 drops
o   October 11th on Crave
o   October 14th on Hulu
o   October 15th on SBS Vice Land/SBS On Demand (finally getting everything!)

Next Episode: We Don’t Fight at Weddings

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Location:  Baltimore, MD

Song: Blueshift

Song: Skyways


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Special Guest

Patrick McNeil

Patrick McNeil