Sundays Are For Picking Stones

Sundays Are For Picking Stones

S10E06 – Sundays Are For Picking Stones
Guest:  Demond Thompson
Music:  Flexadecibel

  • Intro Music: Dirty Girl

The usual stuff:


  • Reminder about the Letterkenny Opoly giveaway from last episode
  • Shoresy preview!

Music this week:  Flexadecibel

Guest this week:  Demond Thompson

Recap:  VidVok (thanks to Dave Phelps of High Roller Games)

This week’s episode deep dive:  S10E06 – Sundays Are For Picking Stones


  • Shelbyville names
  • Bro-Dude advertising at the convenience store
  • Katy biting her lip watching Lady C
  • Connor and Darien peddling behind the dancing
  • Drunk hicks knock Mrs. McMurray off her game
  • Attic-Basement-Barn
  • Do R&J think that all the girls they “wheel” have fallen in love with them?
  • Have they ever given a girl an orgasm?
  • Aly looking down at R&J when saying that “it’s definitely not just sex”.
  • Coach’s tan line
  • Darien enjoying the butt videos
  • Shoresy in one video
  • Roald’s excitement vs his sadness in a short timeframe
  • Wayne picking up Rosie is adorable
  • Are we ready for Shoresy?



End of Show:

  • Final thoughts…
  • Next Week:
    • In TWO WEEKS we will be doing our Season 10 recap with our good pal from the Produce Stand Podcast, Al Grego!
  • Farewells
  • Outro: Endever

Band:    Flexadecibel
Location:  Muskegon, MI

Intro:  Dirty Girl
Outro: Endever

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Guest Host

Demond Thompson

Demond Thompson