The Letterkenny Leave

The Letterkenny Leave

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Guest Host:  Genesis Nunlee
This weeks band:  Lizzie Boredom

Pre-show stuff (00:00 – 09:58):

Happy Saturday Dean, 

And my best to your lovely wife Tiara.

Congrats on all of your success! I have been listening for a couple of weeks and just finished the Season 3 wrap up. The interview with Tyler was amazing. As are you guys, not surprised it has taken off the way it has. 

I would love to be on the show. Watching, actually re-watching, S6 E1 right now. Which is the one I would pick, between us girls. But I am gonna takes you up on your offer of promoting something. Cuz that’s what’s I appreciates about yous. 

Sept 7 and 8th, I am going to be riding 200 miles in the Ride for Life Chicago. The Ride benefits TPAN, an HIV/AIDS outreach group in Chicago. It is 100 mile ride from Chicago to Sawyer, Michigan. A very Letterkenny type town in West Michigan, not sure of it population, but it has its problems. Then 100 miles back on the 8th. More information on TPAN is available at This will be my 9th time doing this ride and raising funds for them. 

If any of the degens out there would like to donate, any amount is fine, my ride donation page link is All the money goes into TPAN’s general fund. If they let me know they heard it from you, I’ll make reference to How Are Ya Now. 

Over an Out,

Please donate ANYTHING you can to Shaine’s ride and let ’em know that you heard about it from us!!!

Episode dive (09:58- 0:48:00):

  • Recap:   Letterkenny Talent Show
  • Deep dive of this episode:  The Letterkenny Leave

Thoughts/Theories/Trivia/Questions (0:48:00 – 1:07:20):

  • “Meaty” episode
  • Hockey players and Skids BOTH had A LOT of dialog
  • Dean’s never played “Never Have I Ever”
  • Thoughts/Questions/Observations from our degens:

    Bobby from JB’s Meme’s via Twitter stated:
    Also. Reilly and Jonesy’s blackboard. The chubby stick figure and it says “Shoresy = fat ”

    And then:
    This is possibly the first episode, not written by Jared and Jacob. I could be wrong.

    Well, I then brought in “Awesome” (our Trivia Maven) to fact check.
    Her response was:
    “the first episode of #letterkenny to be written by someone other than @jaredkeeso  and @jacobtierney79 was s03e04 Les Hiques, by @TorrensJonathan”

    Victoria McCabe – Facebook (New admin for FB pages/groups)
    Even more Wayne autism evidence. Why is Katy still annoyed at McMurray in the later episode after this (I mean granted the phrasing was awful)? Does this answer last week’s had she had both question? Ever played never have I ever? If so, best or worst thing you ever revealed or had revealed? Ever done or had done any of the mentioned goodbyes? Are there any ones you can think of that they didn’t mention in that? That girl doesn’t need to be on drugs, prob a good idea she read and didn’t take the steroids. Poor poor trusting hockey players.

    Valerie Lopez – Facebook
    Soooo, didjya ever notiiiice (I’m doing terrific there bud) that Tanis’ssssses didn’t partake of the hot tub party? Why is that? Why wouldn’t the McMurray’s have invited her given they know that it would have made Wayne uncomfortable to have her in the hot tub with him and they thrive on that. Just my own theory that the McMurray’s thrive on discomfort and would have loved watching that happen..
    And 2nd point — does anyone REALLY believe that Pastor Glen had noooos ideas whats was happenings? It was such a fun contradiction to watch play out.

    Additionally, Valerie is a Patreon patron and now our HIGHEST contributor on our Indiegogo campaign!

    As you may remember, she heads-up the Comedy Wham podcast.
    She has now done three separate episodes on Comedy Wham that are in reference to Letterkenny.

    If you go to and put “Letterkeny” in their search box, you’ll find four articles!  Check ‘em out!
    Thank you so much, Valerie!  We love you to pieces!

  • Glen and Gail being both oversexualized and undersexualized at the same time.
  • How white is Canada?
  • Racism:  North vs South vs Canada
  • Is Wayne into horror books?
  • What would happen if Wayne and Dary fought?
  • Mrs. McMurray looked really bummed when Dan got out of the hot tub.
    • R&J reference “Charlotte gains, bro” and “Serge of gains, bro“.  Those are references to:  Charlotte (English-French actress and singer) and Serge Gainsbourg (father of Charlotte, French singer and songwriter ) 
    • Soft-pass:  Opposite of a Hard-pass.  Something that you’re interested in but just can’t do.
    • Mrs. McMurray references being in (Aca)’pulco until “fellas started getting’ haved from bridges with their dinks cutt off”.  This was something that actually happened down in Acapulco in 2017/18 from rival drug gangs.
    • All of the baseball players mentioned had careers sullied by their use of steroids
      • Roger Clemens
      • Sammy Sosa
      • Jose Canseco
    • Anabolic steroids come in the form of tablets, capsules, a solution for injection and a cream or gel to rub into the skin. Weightlifters and bodybuilders who use steroids often take doses that are up to 100 times greater than those used to treat medical conditions.
    • Both books mentioned in this episode are real books.
      • Carrie
        Originally published: April 5, 1974
        Author: Stephen King
      • The Boy at the Leafs Camp
        Originally published: 1963
        Author: Scott Young

Fuck – Fight – FERDA! (1:07:20 – 1:28:52)

        • Fuck:  Dan, the McMurrays (TOGETHER ONLY), Gail, and Tanis
        • Fight:  The FIRST time we’ve had NO scraps!!!
        • FERDA:   Everyone else.

Farewells and Outro:  (1:28:52 – 1:36:31)

Next Episode: Great Day for Thunder Bay

Artist of the week:  Lizzie Boredom
Location:  Dallas, TX

Song: Problem
Album: Dead Men Can’t Catcall

Song: Dead Men Can’t Catcall
Album: Dead Men Can’t Catcall


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