Uncle Eddie’s Trust

Uncle Eddie’s Trust


Letterkenny Season 2, Episode 5 – Uncle Eddie’s Trust

  • Guest host:  Michael
  • Recap of The Native Flu
  • Episode dive
    • Running out of beer
    • Bottom inch of a beer bottle
    • “To be fair”
    • MoDean’s is gone
    • Uncle Eddie has died and left Wayne and Katy $5K to “give back to the community”
    • Gail’s side-road grind
    • The Barn (aka “Shark Tank)
    • More about Stewart’s horn
    • All ideas are based off of the following shows:
      • Intervention
      • The Ultimate Fighter/Big Brother
      • The Bachelor
      • Storage Wars
      • Duck Dynasty
      • America’s Got Talent
    • Bonnie doesn’t care for Dary
    • “I’m out!”
    • PARTY!
  • Unanswered Questions/Theories/Thoughts:
    • More Uncle Eddie stories
    • Are the characters from Letterkenny based upon Peanuts?
    • Facebook questions:
      • Which pitch would you have chosen?
        • Tiara – Gail
        • Michael – Gail
        • Dean – McMurray
      • What pitch would you have made?
        • Tiara – $ for her school kids’ “Calm down room”
        • Michael – If in the Letterkenny universe:  Food truck or new MoDean’s.  For self:  Animal shelters for cats.
        • Dean – Dogs and podcast gear
  • New terms:
  • Fuck, Fight, or FERDA!
    • Lots and lots of friends in this episode
    • Gail’s the only one getting ALL the sex
    • Stewart and Glen got a scrap coming.
  • Up next: Finding Stormy a Stud

Intro Music:  3 Legged Dog – by Hard Money Saints

Outro Music:  Ol’ Grey Dog – by  Hard Money Saints

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