When you decide to start a campaign to raise money for your podcasts, you never know how that’s going to turn out.  Being that this is my first campaign of this type, I REALLY didn’t know.  After just a few days we had six contributors who have gotten us to 17% of our $2000 goal!

These wonderful people I just can’t thank enough:

  • Heidi Nielson
  • Mark Sparky
  • Eric Walters
  • Valerie Lopez
  • Elizabeth Lanterman
  • Heather D. Petrone

You all symbolize Wayne’s mantra of “When a friend asks for help, ya help ’em.”  And I couldn’t be more grateful and honored.

We have 3 weeks left to get this campaign to its goal.  So, if you could find it in your heart and/or your wallet to help us out, we would truly appreciate it.  Even if you can’t afford to spend the money we just ask that you re-share the link to the campaign.


There are about 1000 of us listening to our podcast.  With your help we could meet our goal very quickly.

Thank you ALL so much!

Dean & Tiara