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That’s right! Just two weeks to button up our Indiegogo campaign.

However, it COULD be shorter.

We just have to reach $600 more to reach our goal.

Let’s do some maths, shall we?

To cover the rest of the campaign out we would need abou $43 per day for the next 14 days to summit our $2000 goal.

If we could find a $50 contributor each day for the next 12 days, we’d get there.

We could easily do it in 8 days with a $75 contributor each of those days.

And, at our final level, $100…we could make that in…(subtract the cosine, double the hypotenuse, extrude the coefficient, carry the pi)…SIX DAYS!!!

All maths aside, thank you to everyone who has contributed and/or shared our campaign.  We do truly appreciate all of you!

Here’s the link:

Please do continue to share and help us get to our goal.



Image result for two weeks