by | Apr 10, 2023

Sidle up to the bar, Katy’s buyin’!  But don’t piss off Alexander.  You won’t like the outcome.
Join us as we cover all that is Letterkenny Season 11, Episode 5 – Influenzas.
We’ve got dusty stuff, rusty stuff, cobwebby corners, and puppies!
David Mack joins us again to bring his keen insight to our beloved show.
  • David’s stuff:
    • Twitter:  @DavidAlanMack
  • Alexander is NOT slow-learnin’.
  • Why Docs?
  • Love having Lucy-Anne and Mary-Anne back (would like some Betty-Anne).
  • Why is Dary being such an asshole?
  • Listen, I’m gonna need you to stop it with the “Okurrrr”, okurrr?
  • More tropes (the dramatic zoom in)
  • What does being “that guy” mean?
  • Love how Wayne understands what a “fuck boy” is.
In “Fuck-Fight-FERDA” Katy, Mary-Anne, and Anita Dyck were the “winners” this week.


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